Wherever you are located in Australia, Wealth Domain Financial Service will support the growth of your financial well-being without wasting time and false starts.

 Since 2015, Wealth Domain Financial Services has helped individuals and small business people get comprehensive Investment, Superannuation, Personal Insurance and Finance advice.

 We focus on end-to-end advice.  We develop, implement, and review personalised advice given.

 Most importantly, all our advice is in writing, developed and personalised with industry leading know how and technology.  All recommendations are backed by comprehensive research, industry leading solutions and are focused on your Best Interest - Your Goals and Objectives.

 You're looking for advice and insight and may not know how to make all your assets and financial position work in harmony. You want to work with experts and your time is valuable.  

 This is why Wealth Domain Financial Services suits the needs of those who do not have all the Financial expertise or time and are seeking advice solutions to grow and engage experts to do things for them.


Chris D'Souza

Director, Certified Financial Planner ®


0416 770 469


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  • Bachelor of Business (Financial Planning)
  • Certified Financial Planner – CFP
  • Tax (Financial) Adviser

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